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Seeking out Heather's intuitive guidance was a turning point in my life and a blessing from the universe that I had been praying for. Although I did not directly speak it to her, she provided me with insight and understanding of some very difficult situations in my life that I could not yet bring myself to acknowledge fully. It was seeing Heather that gave me the peace of mind, strength and confidence to make a major life change. I am not exaggerating when I say that the sessions I had with Heather were the catalyst for changing my life. One year later I am happier, healthier and more assured in myself than I have ever been. I am so grateful for this experience and cannot express enough how much it meant to me.


Heather has truly been an inspirational part of our lives over the last two years with multiple significant life events occuring simultaneously on several occasions, Heather has had an uncanny ability to connect with our guides and offer guidance for the way ahead and provide a calming presence during some difficult times. She is so much more then just a psychic medium, she is a beautiful, loving spirit that genuinely cares for people and goes above and beyond just providing guidance, she even kept in touch with us after we moved from Humboldt County. Heather has became such an important part of our lives that we recommend her to all of our family and friends, and continue to “check in” with our loved ones and guides through her via telephone. If you are considering connecting with a psychic medium, even if you are not in the Humboldt area, I highly recommend contacting Heather. You will definitely be amazed!! Heather, thanks again for all that you have done for my family. We think the world of you and feel so blessed to have you in our lives. You are truly a beautiful person both inside and out!!


Having a session with Heather has been extremely valuable for my personal growth and understanding. Heather is able to perceive at a deep level what is happening within me emotionally and spiritually. This is itself is very affirming, insightful, and has given me direction for what to focus on to move through difficult times. She communicates these insights in ways that are clear with specific suggestions of what to work with for transformation and growth. Heather is very supportive, kind, warm, and easy to talk with. She has helped with my process of trusting and listening to myself, which has been invaluable. I highly recommend Heather for empowering and giving understanding to the transformation that is within you


From the first moment of meeting Heather, I instantly fell in love with her soul;  it radiated so much love, kindness, acceptance, and purity,  I felt like she was an old dear friend, and I was immediately put at ease. At the same time, I was mesmerized by her energy! It was so electrifying my senses were set abuzz while we sat in her cozy office. I have never had an experience like that with any other healer I've been to. I have been incredibly blessed to experience Heather's guidance and psychic abilities on three seperate occasions, and each time I have left with such an overwhelming sense of encouragement and positivity.  She has continually helped guide me through obstacles I have been faced with, always with so much wisdom from the other side. My last reading was given on my thirtieth birthday, and that was by far the greatest gift I have received in many years, so thank you Heather! You have helped to brighten, strengthen, and enlighten my life on this earth, without your guidance I would not be where I am today, certainly not as far spiritually or emotionally. I have begun to loosen lifetimes of karma, let go of people and habits that no longer serve a positive purpose in my present life, and learned things about my Self that I may have never known, all in three appointments. I have also been given very special messages from loved ones past on...Heather accomplishes all that is asked, in some way or another, and with such a loving spirit. She is an incredible woman and teacher, I feel blessed beyond measure that the Universe brought me to her. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with those that seek it.... as always I look forward to our next visit. Much love to you Heather!!


Heather is by far the best psychic I was privileged to receive psychic communication and spiritual healing from. She is not only gentle, knowledgeable, and compassionate, she also has the natural psychic ability to communicate with a variety of metaphysical beings such as Spirit Guides, Angels, and other beings of Light that come to you for your psychic readings and channel through her on your behalf. Without Heather’s psychic communications and clear insight into the answers I was seeking when working with her than I would not have evolved into the highly spiritual and attuned person I am today. She also introduced me to my Spirit Guides and gently guided me towards my many life purposes. Heather helped validate for me Beings do exist beyond our ordinary consciousness who are eagerly there to assist us in our life journeys.I am utterly grateful for Heather’s psychic facilitation, and I am honored to have received psychic communications and spiritual healing from her. If you’re looking for psychic readings in love, health, abundance, prosperity, past life experiences, connection with Light beings, discovering yourself, etc, than I highly recommend working with Heather Lovig. She along with her own Spirit Guides and Helpers will help reveal the answers to what you may seek.


Share the amazing things customers are sayHaving a reading by Heather is a spiritual experience. Every time she reads for me it is transmitted with an aura of love, compassion, and a desire to support my highest good. I appreciate that her readings come through in many forms; power animals will show up, colors emerge, spirits offer guidance, even loved ones can make an appearance. She offers a reading that I feel addresses me in a much more holistic way than readings that only use cards, or only channel one guide. Heather is an exceptional container for Divine Guidance and I believe an embodiment of the Divine Feminine on this plane. When you are with Heather, you are in the presence of angels, faeries, love and wisdom in the form of Heather about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Heather for many years now and have sought out her healing and intuitive guidance on many occasions. Heather is a very clear and accurate intuitive channel and has the ability to channel many different healing energies for the benefit of the client. It is very healing to be in contact with Heather’s presence. She is very compassionate and accepting and can lovingly work with many of the darker and more challenging issues that one has. I highly recommend any one to work with her.


I have had the pleasure of working with Heather Lovig for years. Heather is one of the most sensitive empaths that I have known. Her heart is bigger than the moon and she has the insight to see into the real person, past all of the layers of doubt and fear and can lift up the sweetheart or wildwoman or man that lays deep or dormant inside. Heather is someone who supports you and guides you in picking yourself up when you are down, clearing the path for your self when you are confused, and she does this by inspiring you and offering insight for you to be more authentically you. I can’t recommend Ms. Lovig enough as a counselor and healer, she is an amazing ally to have at your side.

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