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Intuitive Guidance

It can be overwhelming, confusing or hard when in the midst of a life change or any kind of transition, to be still enough to listen to that calm inner voice that knows already, the answer. Sometimes it can help to have a guide assist us in this process, someone who can see the dark or hidden places that we have missed within ourselves and reflect back to us the deeper knowingness we may be aware of but have a hard time trusting in certain moments. Someone who can bring awareness to what is ready to be released, cleansed, healed, transformed and moved forward within our very

being and life.


Through her warm presence and the wisdom she pours forth, having a session with Heather is like spending time with an old and dear trusted friend. Coming from a holistic approach, Heather uses a blend of modalities including her gift as a psychic medium and her education in Depth Psychology to create personalized and transformative life counseling sessions. In addition custom tools, exercises and practices that will help to both support your growth and inner transformation may be offered. Please find below a more detailed description of the modalities that Heather uses in combination. Also, please read Heather's full disclaimer before calling to book a session. 


Psychic Abilities

Using her abilities as a psychic channel and guide, Heather can answer questions you may have in: Love, finances, career, family, as well   as more complex questions and situations you may need guidance on. Many come to an intuitive reading because they are looking for guidance in one or more areas of their life, therefore a session with Heather can be used as a wonderful opportunity to ask those nagging questions which may seem to have no resolution. What comes through in a reading may not only surprise you, but may even have the potential to change your life! 



Often times channeled messages will come from many different sources such as: the Divine, spirit guides, animal guides, angels, the deceased, beings in the various elemental realms, various deities and ascended masters, to name a few. In this aspect, Heather's role becomes that of a translator, relaying messages from your counsel of helpers to you. 


Depth Psychology


Depth Psychology is a therapeutic modality that works with the unconscious/subconscious aspects of the human psyche. It is when we become aware of and begin to befriend our complexes (certain unconscious beliefs/emotions/perceptions and patterns that can be triggers in our lives) that our soul and personality can become more unified and lead to, what Jung describes as, Individuation (enlightenment). During a session aspects of your personality that may not be fully aligned with your soul purpose/ could be potentially "holding you back"/sabotaging your success/ imposing limiting beliefs in your perception of yourself and your life, will be highlighted and addressed; essentially beginning the process of making the unconscious conscious. Certain tools such as active imagination, exploring your dreams, and using guided imagery may be used as a way to help you connect more deeply with yourself and be a conscious co-facilitator in your transformation.

Heather's Training is not Clinical!

Heather is not a licensed therapist/counselor/psychologist and her work should not be substituted for that of a mental health professional! Many have expereinced added benefits while experiencing heather's services in addition to more traditional therapies.Please read full disclaimer here 

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