Intuitive Guidance

It can be overwhelming, confusing or hard when in the midst of a life change or any kind of transition, to be still enough to listen to that calm inner voice that knows already, the answer. Sometimes it can help to have a guide assist us in this process, someone who can see the dark or hidden places that we have missed within ourselves and reflect back to us the deeper knowingness we may be aware of but have a hard time trusting in certain moments...

Holistic Energywork

Heather's holistic energywork is a fusion of several different modalities. When Heather is working with a client often times their spirit guides, healing masters, guardians, angels and other beings of light are present. Many times they guide and channel through her as well as work alongside her to bring healing and balance to the person she is working with. These special beings have their own significant touch and powerful energy they bring to the session...


Please read before calling and or booking a session with Heather! It is important to make sure that there is a clear understanding of what she does and doesn't offer in her sessions. Use this as a guide to make sure your expectations are appropriate and as a way to also prepare yourself to work with her.