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Things to Know Before Getting an Intuitive Guidance Reading with Heather:


Heather is not a Fortune Teller


Although she does have the gift of foresight, she will not give readings that are solely composed of prediction questions or future based questions. The intention behind her work is to help others with healing, guidance, and clarification through her gifts as a psychic, channel, medium and spiritual counselor. It is when someone comes to the session really looking for guidance and help in their life that the readings are the most accurate and effective. 


Have Realistic Expectations 


Many times a person comes to a reading with the expectation that all of their questions will be answered or that they’ll be able to communicate with their deceased loved one, spirit guides, etc. It is important for you to know that sometimes a question asked, can’t be answered. This could be because a clear reading can’t be made of the energy around the person, situation, or your not meant to know the answer. Also, if you are looking to connect with a specific type of energy such as a certain spirit guide or deceased loved one, Heather will make “the call” for them to be present, however it is ultimately up to that energy to respond back and communicate. Sometimes a connection can’t be made. 


Caveat To Future Based Questions


Heather can see the future, however what she sees is based on the way you are projecting your energy in that current moment in time as well as how others are projecting their energy, in relation to the question. Therefore what is seen during the reading can potentially change and a different outcome can happen based on the circumstances of life. Also, based on the question, she may see one or many probable futures, and if this is the case, can give you guidance on how to make the most ideal possibility a reality for yourself. 


Asking Questions About Others


Heather has the upmost respect for another person’s privacy on a psychic level. Therefore when a question is asked about another person, she will first check in with their spirit and get permission before continuing. Sometimes access isn’t granted or only limited information is given or can be read.


Don’t ask a question you really don’t want the answer too! 

This is important and something you must differentiate on your own.


Heather's Training is not Clinical!


Heather is not a licensed therapist/counselor/psychologist and her work should not be substituted for that of a mental health professional! Many have expereinced added benefits while experiencing heather's services in addition to more traditional therapies.


Things To Know Before Recieving Bodywork Services From Heather


Heather is not a licensed health care practitioner nor does she have any medical training. 


Her work is purely focused on the energetic components of the body. Although some have experienced the added bonus of an alleviation of certain physical symptoms, this type of bodywork is not meant to replace professional medical treatment if that is what’s needed. 


Energetic bodywork has been known to manifest emotional and physical symptoms 


In certain individuals and is something that can’t be predicted as it depends on the person and what was worked with energetically in the session. Most times this is apart of the healing process. However if there are any concerns that come up please call Heather.




Heather knows that to open yourself up and ask questions about your life and or recieving bodywork can emote a sense of vulnerability. Therefore everything that takes place during a session stays confidential unless required to disclose by law.


Refusing Service


Heather reserves the right to refuse service to any person at any time . With the nature of this work, Heather must feel a resonance with a client just as a client must feel a resonance with Heather, so the work and healing can reach its highest potential. If this does happen, Heather will most likely offer a referral.

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