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Holistic Energywork

Heather's holistic energywork is a fusion of several different modalities. When Heather is working with a client often times their spirit guides, healing masters, guardians, angels and other beings of light are present. Many times they guide and channel through her as well as work alongside her to bring healing and balance to the person she is working with. These special beings have their own significant touch and powerful energy they bring to the session.The session usually begins with a brief intake, addressing any questions, needs or concerns you may have.Then you will lie down (unless unable or prefer a chair) on a massage table (if in-person) or in a quiet space in your home (if over the phone) and Heather will begin the energy work portion of the session, in which she will work on your chakras and energy field.

After the session Heather likes to do a de-briefing to share any insights she may have received as well as check in with you to see where you are at. Specific suggestions and tips are then given on what you can do to maintain the effects of the session. Here is a break down and description on some of the energy modalities she uses in her healing work. Keep in mind, these aren’t considered separate bodywork sessions but are modalities she uses in unison. Please read Heather's full disclaimer before calling to book a session.  


Reiki is an energetic healing modality in which life force energy is channeled through the hands to the recipient and can restore physical,       emotional, mental and spiritual balance to a person. Often recipients of Reiki feel a deep sense of peace, inner relaxation and well being during and after the session. Having 18 years experience giving Reiki and also being a Reiki Master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition, Heather often uses this as a base energy to begin her bodywork treatment.  


Karmic Clearing

We all hold many different level and layers of karma including: personal, familial, ancestral, societal and collective. Often times we             unconsciously hold certain karmic patterns that can greatly influence our life and keep us from embodying our full potential. How much we are holding depends on many different factors as everyone is unique. In this aspect of a session, karma that is for your highest good to clear and release may be facilitated. Through each phase of releasing there is a detox and integration.


Somatic Depth Psychology


Somatic Depth Psychology is an extension of Depth Psychology that includes the body. The soma (body) has its own inherent intelligence and in essence holds in our cells, tissues, muscles, blood and our very DNA, all of our memeories/traumas and experiences throughout our whole life. It also holds our beleifs and perceptions. In essence, the body can be viewed as the physical aspect of the psyche and the psyche as the psychic aspect of the body. Therefore opening up dialogue and working with the body is an important aspect of therapeutic intervention with one's Self. In a bodywork session, this may manifest as


*Heather faciliatating an imaginal dialogue between you and your  body.

*Using symbols/images

*Authentic Body Movement

Shamanic Fusion and Psychic Rehabilitation













Energetic Clearing


Is energy work that directly focuses on clearing, cleansing and removing any energy in a person's subtle bodies and auric field, that either doesn't belong to, no longer supports or is not in the person's highest good.  Often times people can pick up energy from places they’ve been in waking life and in the dreamtime, absorb mental and emotional energy from other people and have their own residual energy stuck in their field that is ready to leave.  In a session, Heather may clear these energies as well as any energetic chords that are ready to be released. She will then give specific personalized information and tips on things you can do to maintain your cleared energy field.


Soul Retrieval


Sometimes when a person experiences an emotional and or physical trauma, apart of their soul may leave thier body as a protection/survival mechanism because that experience is to overwhelming in the moment to process and integrate. The dispersion of these soul fragments and the trauma itself can cause imbalance and or dis-ease in the physical and energetic systems. 


During a session, Heather has experienced many times, soul fragments spontaneously arriving and asking for assistance in being re-integrated back into a persons body/psyche. And there are other times when Heather has made requests (as long as its in the person's highest good and there is an aspect of their system that is ready) in calling back soul fragments. The experience of a soul retrival is unique for each individual. 

Psychic Rehabilitation


Just as our physical body can experience minor to severe injury, so to can our energetic bodies. Psychic rehabilitation is specifically focused towards healing and restoration of any aspect of a person's energetic systems and bodies that have experienced psychic attack, severe trauma that has either vicariously affected their energy bodies or has caused dissociation to the point where the soul needs to be integrated and re-harnessed back in a psychic way. During a session this may manifest as:


*Rebuilding a chakra or the whole charkric system

*Repairing the auric field 

*Rewiring parts of energetic body to the nervous system etc. 

*Recharching meridian systems

Heather is not a licensed health care practitioner nor does she have any medical training. 

Her work is purely focused on the energetic components of the body. Although some have experienced the added bonus of an alleviation of certain physical symptoms, this type of bodywork is not meant to replace professional medical treatment if that is what’s needed. Please read full disclaimer here

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